Identity: Why You Should Never Lose Yours

So, hella fellas! So you ever feel that at a point in your life, you have lost your identity? Most of you must have, right? You alter and re-alter yourselves to fit in with your society and with the your companions. If you don’t do so, you will be that gate to yourself, which stops you from accomplishing things.

You know what? Most of the times, we don’t change ourselves for our benefit but, for that of the others. Know it people, you don’t wanna lose whoever you are with. So, you change your identity, or parts of it like, your character, your methods, your behavior, etc. You begin living for others, far more than yourself.

So, finally, when they abandon you, you will perfectly feel the pain and also, begin regretting why you had actually changed for the other people. So, you will perfectly feel like you have been whammed. perfect, right? Totally. You wanna fit in with the others, but they just leave you and move on. But also, remember that if one goes, another comes.

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