Why I Am Happy that I Preferred to Do It

So, today, I was very angry a few hours ago. This was because, my Mum had told that I wasn’t concentrating much on my studies, which was kind of true. But, what happened after that is what I’m gonna tell you about. So, my brother had come out from work-out and my parents were out shopping. I was fed up. I was on the floor on a mat, inclined on a pillow. After some time, my brother came and started irritating me.

I was too irritated already and his tactics stoked the fire. After some time, I heard my brother shouting, “There’s the lizard! I’m not lying! Look up, you idiot!!!”. My brother does this literally everyday, and everyday, I fall for it. But, today, I vowed not to fall for it. So, I didn’t respond.

My brother shouted yet again. But, still I didn’t. After some time, I peered a little and I did prefer to look up, only to find a Lizard. I screamed, jumped up and flew towards the bed. Heavens must have known how horrible my screams were. The aftermath was, “Eww! Gross! My God! Mangled body!” in a chain, all over again and again, in shock.

And, imagine my embarrassment when my brother narrated this in front of my parents. -_-

I still can’t get over the sight. I have vowed, yet again, not to step on the place where the lizard lay. Eww.

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