Reasons Why You Should Never Fluff Things Up

Hmm… I have forgiven the lizard for scaring me. Actually, I didn’t fluff things up. Well, what do you actually mean by fluffing things up? It is the status where you muddle up things and make a huge mess. You may be a fluffy person, but you should always think twice before you give up. The matter of fact is, if we can overcome the obstacles presented to us and keep pushing through the bad times, we will find the success within ourselves to create something worthwhile.

Whenever you are about to quit, just know that there are people working harder than you to achieve goals which you had conquered easily. You might have all the things required, while the other person doesn’t. When that person doesn’t give up, you mustn’t too! Know that hard-work is the key to success. If you achieve anything easily, it is not success. It’s just achieving something that  you craved for.

The ups and downs must happen in life, for you to experience how it feels to be criticized, praised, dropped hate-comments at, etc. So, you know, you can fluff up occasionally. Every time you fail, you know something new, and learn from your mistakes. Kids like me won’t know what I am talking about. But, I seen a small percentage of these ups and downs. So, I know that the grown people know what I am speaking about.

Nothing, ever lasts for ever and, before every dawn, it is the darkest time. Failing in the darkness is normal. Take an example that you are walking in a dark cave. You can’t even see your feet. So, t is perfectly normal for you to stumble and feel scared. This is how you start out in life. But, when you reach the exit, the light flows, improvising your senses and rejuvenating them. That’s when you start walking without stumbling. This is also the start of your brighter future. Kudos!

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