Well, happy ghoulish Halloween! In India, we don’t celebrate this beautiful day. So, you know, I’m kinda wondering how it feels to Trick-or-Treat. I just know that Halloween is ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ or ‘All Saints’ Eve’. I also know that kids dress up and go around asking for candies. And, also the fact that it was originally practiced by ancient Samhain( Now, Ireland) people to ward off ghosts. They dressed up differently and went round bonfires.

And also, it was associated with the end of the warm sunny days and the beginning of cold days, yet to come, which also denoted and marked a lot of human deaths. And, Halloween came to America, as a neighborhood party where people gathered around for parties. The Christian origin is that of stamping out all pagan worships and pray for souls.

I seriously don’t know anything more than this. But, I believe that dressing up as ghouls, like ‘nasty and true-looking’ ghouls will actually scare the crap out of people, right? ‘Cuz, they are these phantom spirits that feed on dead bodies… Much like vultures. Well, why can’t we dress children up as vultures to denote them as the ‘other’ version of ghouls? Ponder your head over it people. Well, if people can tell me some better news about Halloween, they better do it. I’m gonna keep editing this blog as I gain more info on Halloween. Happy Halloween people! (I don’t know if I wished you right too!!)


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