A Short Incident

So, hey there! I’m just gonna type a small incident which took place, like right now and I am posting this because my brother urged me to do so. My brother and myself were putting clothes on the clothes-line. I passed him the clothes from the tub and he put it on the line. After some time, the line was filled up and the extra clothes had to be put somewhere else.

So, I took responsibility for it.  I took the smaller clothes and spread it out on a chair, and the clothes were like ‘Voila! Here I come!!!’, too many. I shouted out in anger because the clothes would never end. My brother laughed a little and I stared at him. And, ironically he said “This is happening ‘cuz Jesus blessed the tub.”

As you can imagine the scene, I blurted out laughing. At the same time, I had finished drying all the clothes. Well, maybe God didn’t want to get involved in this!

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