Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

So, here comes a mysterious mystery topic, right after Halloween! Today, I’m just gonna give some updated info on the mystery of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’. We know that the Bermuda Triangle covers up to 4,40,000 square miles of sea, enclosed in a huge triangle. This is interesting. But, what makes it mysterious is that, airplanes and ships/boats that go over it disappear.

When Christopher Columbus traveled across the world, he said that above the triangle, he saw a bright ball of light. Accounts from people who survived the Triangle went on like “…It was like I was in a different dimension…”, which sounds truly creepy. But, the hot news right now is that, scientists have nearly solved this mystery too! Well, once begun solving, we cannot call it a mystery, right? Okay, so, their research says that the Bermuda Triangle has huge craters, whose build-up cause is said to be of Methane.

There is another theory that The Bermuda Triangle creates hexagonal clouds, creating air bombs, filled with winds capable of drowning ships and airplanes. But, getting back to the methane theory, it has been said that, as the Triangle is just off of the Norwegian Coast which is rich in natural gases, methane must have probably leaked from under-sea deposits, creating craters after a certain blow-up. Also, active decomposition takes place from methane ice to gas.

We don’t actually know if they have actually solved the mystery, but, who can explain the vanishing of various ships and airplanes across time? Maybe, it is like one of the theories of Amelia Earhart. Some say she died a castaway while others say that the news is fake. Who knows? There are even rumors that Hitler didn’t kill himself, but died an old man in some other country. God! Why do such extra theories even exist? It makes our brain think a little don’t it? But, I have to say, I mostly get creeped out by such mysteries.

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