Chennai Rains

So, hey there! My place here is seriously damp. Like, if you go out, you will surely have wet feet and drenched shoes. You know why? ‘Cuz, Chennai (in India) is under the influence of rain again. My school last shut down on the 30th of October. Since then, I have been at home. The advantages are, for kids like me, we can cover-up the study portions. But, it is a disadvantage  to most of the Chennaites. They cannot navigate back and forth due to the waters logged on the road.

Refer here. You see, Chennai has been prey to water the last 3 years. In December 2015, we had these floods which claimed many lives and properties. And, last year, we had ‘The Vardha’ cyclone, which yet uprooted trees and blocked roads. People became prey to heavy, piercing winds. As you see, Chennai has a moderate weather and climate. This time, due to the upper air circulation, we have got these rains. I seriously pity the plight of us. When the sun strikes, it literally roasts us and, when monsoon hits, we have it the worst way.

We are not accustomed to all the cold. So, all the winds brought in by the cyclones affect us a lot. We get various diseases and it also affects health of small kids. People are so afraid that these rains would be just like the 2015 rains. Wanna know the effect of the current rain? Look up at these:

  1.  Rain
  2. University
  3. Floods
  4. More

This is our condition. This may seem small, but, the actual destruction is more.

4 thoughts on “Chennai Rains

  1. I visited Chennai many, many years ago (1997 I think) it was just after the monsoon – I dont think it was a remarkable year for rain but the newspapers were full of stories of homes and people getting washed away in floods. The very poorest seemed very vulnerable.

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