Neighbors: How Helpful They Were In 2015

So, hey there for the second time! I talked about the Chennai floods of 2015 in my previous blog. Now I’ll just tell you about how the whole of Tamilnadu came together to help our people in distress. Not only the people of Tamilnadu, but also other people from various states of India came to help us too. They became our neighbors. People everywhere in flooded areas were stranded and couldn’t even get a solid meal, not even milk.

Ground-floors of each and every house were flooded with water. People had to go to higher-up areas and, in some areas, water had reached even the third and fourth floors! Lamp posts were submerged, why, even a bus went under water. Food supplies became scarce while water overflowed everywhere. At the same time, a dam was opened to let out extra water. Do you know what happened? People died. Kids died. Many were electrocuted. Pet animals died. This still gropes at my heart.

The aftermath was terrible too. There was mosquitoes everywhere. Fungus could be found everywhere. Fever was quite common. People helped. That was what brought Chennai back to its old self. Neighbors, I can proudly call them. Because, they weren’t selfish.

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