Proxy AKA Substitute

Hmm.. I’m thinking. What shall I blog on today? The topic given to me is proxy. It literally means doing/representing something in the place of someone else, or standing a substitute.  This is used in places where a person stands as proxy in place of a candidate or signing a document in place of the others. There is also a medical term there.

Well, I’m just gonna stick to the ‘substitute’ proxy. So, uh… wait for the truth… I seriously don’t know what I’m gonna blog on this topis. Like, seriously? Okay. Last Saturday, we had our practices for our Annual Day. Don’t know if I had already blogged on this, but still. We were all (all of the kids in our class, 9’B) made to sit in the corridors by a teacher. That was the day it started raining in Chennai. As the corridors were plastered with cement, it was too cold. We were sitting there with no reason to skitter back into the classroom. Also, the staff-room was close. And, even if we had had the chance, we were sacred as hell.

Then, an idea occurred to me. I made myself a proxy, in place of the whole class and went to the teacher along with some friends. The twist comes here!!! I made two other girls as my proxy and made them apologize to the teacher for no apparent reason. And, Zoom! We were in the classroom!

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