The Story Of How An Egg Helps People

Hola! ‘Egg‘ is really a weird topic to blog on. So, let’s start with the history and uses of an egg. There used to be a controversy on the topic ‘Which Came First? Hen or Egg?’. Now, that controversy has no place now. It has been scientifically proved that the hen came first. The egg contains a few minerals/nutrients which can be derived only from a hen, so, you know.

I have to say, for people who reside in towns and villages, egg business is quite flourishing. There are many types of eggs. You can read about it here. So, as I was saying, people here, in India (especially in towns and villages) own many hens. Like, hundreds of them. Any house I enter (except my own), chickens come over and start pecking at my feet as sign of welcoming. Also, growing these chickens have lots of advantages. They are a source of income for all the people. Whenever they require a few eggs:

  1. Grab a chicken sitting atop its eggs by its head.
  2. Make sure that it doesn’t peck at your eyes.
  3. Grab a few of its eggs.
  4. Leave it to its mourning.

This actually seems funny to visualize, but imagine the mother’s sorrow. Okay, and, if a few relatives come over, grab the mourning chicken along with few of her friends and kill ’em and roast ’em. And, voila! A great dinner for them! Now, for the trade, the extra eggs are sold by the respective owners to customers. In my home-town, people buy these brown eggs which are products of country hens. This is a thriving business. And, when relatives come over to others’ houses they just buy chicken from their neighbors.

I would actually love sharing a few of my selfies with the hens with you people, but, they are not with me. So, you know. But, you can find some interesting facts on chicken eggs here. Apart from dogs, even chickens can be good companions. You can chase them around and still, they come at you in a manner of mocking like, ‘You will never catch me, you slugger’.


Here for uses on eggs. I’m not sure if you actually liked this blog, but, I hope it was not THAT boring,


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