My Blog, My Remedy Forever

Today, the topic given to me is a solution or remedy for all difficulties and diseases or, simply panacea. I’m just gonna tell you guys how blogging actually helped me go through the most difficult time of my life, that is, Fake Friendship. It was really a very sloppy part where I relied on my friends, they dumped me, next they (along with me) made a peace treaty, and yet, dumped me again. I think, this one is where I got too emotional on a few expectations that never came true, par with the topic.

We were a group of five, called ourselves ‘Fifth Harmony’, and had this friendship for over an year. People were literally drooling over the intensity of our friendship. We were this group, which never broke at any cost. And, then, this one incident changed my thoughts. One fine day, we were all chatting together and, suddenly a teacher entered. I was joking around during that period, because it was a free one. So, I continued joking even when the teacher made us stand the whole period as punishment for “…loud noises from this class…”. So, when I hit one of the girls playfully on her shoulder, she made a sound. When asked by the teacher, she blatantly pointed at me and said, “She was irritating me, Ma’am”.

That’s when my world came crashing down. My silly smile turned into something blank and useless and, people started giggling over their backs. I just confessed. Then, she said these useless words, “…sorry, I was so scared, so you know…”, and I was on the verge of crying, but, I held back my tears. All this time I had thought that these people wouldn’t be this bad. It felt like one of the awkward moments where you think you are important to someone, but you actually are not.

And, after this came many events, which finally led to our final fight, and break-up in terms of our friendship. They started accusing me, blaming me for all the wrongs that had happened. I began crying too. Then, I told them these exact words (I still remember them) “I thought you were different, but, you people, I should have known, YOU ARE ALL LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS LEAVE ME”, and ran out of the class (It was Lunch Period). And, then I realized as many people began approaching me that I never lost s few friends, but in fact, I never had any. Then, four people came over to console me. They were:

  1. The lonely girl who sits in front of me, whom I had just begun talking to.
  2. My childhood best-friend whom I had never fought with, but ignored in the later years.
  3. The girl who occasionally talks with me, and, finally
  4. My only best friend from that ex-group.

They just were with me. And, soon we became best friends. Like, we do not have this ego which I noticed in the latter group. We don’t talk too much and, when we talk, we make sure that we hurt nobody in the process. Like, for right now, this seems a much better group and people that I can actually rely on. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of fake friends and, Kudos!

And, for how blogging helped me, I could just pour out my emotions, with no one stopping me. Like, NO ONE FOREVER.


12 thoughts on “My Blog, My Remedy Forever

  1. I’m sorry you had a bad falling out with people you thought were your real friends. But I’m happy you found people who stood by you, and that you found blogging. Blogging is the best way to just let it all out, get as emotional as you want 💜

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  2. Oh dear, that must have been a great ordeal for you, and am happy you got the strength to accept a better change of friends. I have been in your shoes before so I know what you feel but always remember that you are your best friend first before any other person.
    Nice write up, keep up the good work

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    1. That’s right. Life gives you your experience. Now, i am actually better off without my ‘Friends’. I don’t talk with anyone that much, but, I do my work without disturbing anyone, like always. So, yeah. Life is a circle. Thank you for going through my post! Have a great day ahead!


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