Falling Apart In Numerous Times

F. A. I. N. T . The original meaning will certainly differ from what am gonna let out. Today, even though nobody did anything to me, I’m more miserable and vulnerable. I just feel like all memories are crashing down. The memories of old friends with the happenings of the present. Don’t think that I’m a complaining brat. I just don’t know how to let out my emotions. Miserable is the right word to describe me right now.

You know, it’s like I’m just putting up a smiley face on something that is not all smiley behind. Like, a mask. This blog will be short. To save the torment. So, all this time, whenever I see happy friends, I just get this feeling; It’s never gonna last forever. And, I just have got one good thing right now. Confidence. Earlier, I used to hesitate for the fear of teasing from friends. Now, I don’t. ‘Let them curse, I don’t care’ is my attitude right now.

Numerous times I’ve been ridiculed. Today, I am a changed person. Now, when I look back at my pining old self, I feel like laughing at that attitude. Today, I just don’t care about what people say to ridicule me. Also, I am planning on getting a haircut. Something in between Pixie-cut and Boy-cut. At first, I was hesitant, and now, I’m firm on my decision. Why? Due to the presence of confidence. I have fallen apart in numerous pieces at numerous times. But, those pieces have gathered up together to break the old form and, mold it into something better. If you are the person who gets into other people’s emotions and feel what they feel, I’m sure that you would understand what I feel.

3 thoughts on “Falling Apart In Numerous Times

  1. Confidence makes you stronger! And sadly we gain the most insight from hard times. Cutting your hair is like accepting change, ready to start new and fresh. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so miserable though!

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