Dancing: How I Used To Bunk Classes

Wohoo! Hey there! Today, I’m cheerful, so, not much amount of emotional stuffs will be present. And, it will be really short. When, I was a smaller kid I got this sudden interest in dancing and, Mom enrolled me in some dance class. It was traditional south Indian style dance AKA Bharathanatyam. I went to these classes ’til I was in 5th grade when Typhoid caught up with me and, I couldn’t attend classes for more than 3 months, due to my state, as the doc had advised me some complete rest. I did go to school though.

So, when I was even smaller, like in my 1st grade, my Mom used to walk me to these classes. On the way, I used to interrupt and say, “Ma! My tummy is aching/ I feel that I have the need to pee” just for stalling her. I thought that this technique would work and that she would take me back home. But, none of them worked. And, I will just share another incident.

One day, I was napping. Then, mum woke me up for the class. At the same time, I realized that we had a visitor. Then I looked up at the time. It was 4:20. My young brain thought it was 5:20 and, my Mom kept chatting and finally, it became 5:00, which according to me was 6:00. So, I started crying, thinking that it was late.

Mom sent the guest away and later came into my room and, found me crying. I was about to tell what was bothering me and, the the truth struck me. It was 5:00 and not 6:00. Then, I just glossed over that matter saying that I had a bad stomach flu. Bruh.

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