Strut. Just Like A Rooster

So, hey there! Today’s topic is strut. So, again, today will be a narration of some small recent incident.  I’m so sorry for not being able to post yesterday. I had taken my laptop with no time to type and Mom was like, “Got to sleep” on repeat mode. So, I’ll tell you the incident. From now on wards, my ex-friends have the title ‘Them’. So, you know, whenever I use it somewhere, it automatically means ‘Them’. So, this incident is totally not about me, but my friend and our ‘Them’.

My friend and I were separated in the shuffle of classes this year. So, our language classes are different. And, #1’Them’, also belongs to the same class. This is some revenge story, except that I’m not telling that idiot’s name and, not specifying my school. So, we had our language classes and, Ma’am suddenly called up on a girl behind my friend, like in the last bench asking her this,”Hey, are you sleeping?”. The #1’Them’ thought it was she Ma’am was talking to and was like, “No……Ma’am” in some comical way. Then, Ma’am   was like,”I was not talking to you, but the girl behind you my dear child”.

When my friend told me this, she started laughing and, so did I. Just to show proud and arrogant we were, we got up from where we were and strutted up in front of the girl and were laughing about. By chance, I got a glimpse of her face. God! That was the most comical face I’ve ever seen in my life. Man! I had never felt this sick.

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