Classroom Happenings: Why People Mustn’t Be Put To Shame

Everyday, at school, our English teacher makes us people read a page from the textbook and, every day, people who struggle to get the words right receive harsh aka hurting words (Not bad words, but words that make you think more!) which makes them feel like being put to shame in front of the whole class. My English teacher for this year is good. She goes on along with that fun mood but, fail to impress her, you will certainly be blasted. And, by ‘fail to impress her’, I mean fail to read the text properly, you will surely be given some.

So, what makes kids angry is, the fact that they are being scolded in front of the whole class and, the teacher focuses just on them in the process. This makes the child mad against the teacher, even though she is trying to help her. She mostly asks them if they are neophyte to reading. And, later after the class gets over, we often find them crying or cursing the teacher or why, if in my case, laughing. I would seriously start laughing later, like seriously.

Later, another person is put in charge of this kid who doesn’t perform well and, that person has to be in the back of the kid to make her better. I have to say, the wrong doesn’t lie on the teacher, but on the student. He/She shrugs things off and doesn’t care while, teachers get blasted by the main Board if children from their classes don’t perform well. I will disclose just one secret about my school. It is a CBSE institution. So, kids belonging to this Board are expected to score good marks, both at academics and extra-curricular activities.

The teacher will also know how hurtful a child must feel. But, what can the poor person do? She has to make people study. And, if they don’t she has to make sure they do. So, if you are a school-child, next time your teacher scolds you, think over the fact taking your time for this rather than wasting your time by cursing her. Kudos!

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