Black: The Color Of Swag

So, how many of you like the color black?  Not many, right? But, the color black has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. So, even though people like black, many are oppressive towards the color as they feel it signifies evil such as witchcraft, dark magic, the nights of evil, etc. Knowing the significance of black in dreams is very complex. It can signify:

  1. Going deep within one such that a new self emerges.
  2. A person is undergoing a personality change or Life has given that person a blow on its path.
  3. It also represents the state of unconsciousness.

The history of black dates back to the cave paintings of Lascaux Cave. In Egypt of the ancient times, it was a color of fertility and denoted Anubis, the god of underworld. According to the Bible it yet again, symbolizes the evil and sins. But according to teens today, it is the swag and style of everyday. Black lipstick, hair dye, nail colors,clothes, accessories, etc. are all in black. Also, black is the much preferred color among gentlemen. Their suit, shoes, tie are all mostly in black. Why, even I love black but, my choices in black are shrugged off by Mom saying that ‘You are not a good Christian…’.

Seriously? What is this relation? All this is stupid. Even my Music Player is ‘BlackPlayer Music Player’. And, even my speaker is black, while I could have opted for other colors. My laptop is black. The clothes I am wearing right now are black. Black these days is trend, not something that should be considered inauspicious. So, you know, get over the crude facts and start embracing black.

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