My Dubious Thought(s) From Today Morning

So, finally, I’ve chopped off my hair. Take time to appreciate me people. It’s some kind of boy cut that dangles between pixie cut and some random thing. Okay, anyway, getting to the point, I was rather dubious on how people would receive me at school. But then, I just shrugged off the feeling consoling myself over the fact that I do not live for others.

My dubiousness (I mean it) was not just about going to school, but also about the rains. It’s like when you expect the maximum rain, it doesn’t actually rain and when you don’t expect the rains, it rains cats and dogs. It was the same state of controversy today morning. So, I had woken up with immense sense of laziness and picked up my Geography textbook and had begun studying when I was told that I had school today.

I picked my lazy self up with the most weird feeling of wanting a holiday (yesterday was a holiday, too). And then I finally went to school with high expectations of praises. But, as every coin has two sides, I was met with some ‘Nope, it doesn’t suit you’ s too. Finally, the best reaction was that of the teachers. My English teacher was like, “Hey…You cut your hair?” with a comical expression. Later she was like, “You could have lent me your hair, child. I really want some more hair” and pointed at her thin hair. Then, my Math teacher’s expression was even more funny. From the start of the period, she was giggling at me and, finally she broke the comical giggling and told me that I looked better and cute with my pony-tails. My class teacher usually looks at the class with some expression of, ‘Okay, all the little punks are here’. Today, she had the same expression, except when she saw me, she had this expression of comical shock. I don’t even know if that’s an expression.

Many of my friends liked my hairstyle while some others ignored it and, in some instances, I ignored some catcalling. So, yeah, all in all, I love my new hairstyle and the confidence I have developed. Kudos!

5 thoughts on “My Dubious Thought(s) From Today Morning

  1. There will always be people who talk and people who won’t like you, but there will also be the opposite. You have to develop your own sense of identity and try never to let others opinion affect you. Glad you went through and got the haircut.

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