How People Define You On The Basis of Gentle-manliness

So, every other day when I cycle to school, there are these people who are like serious stupids. I would be traveling in my own lane i.e, the left edge of the street. But, there will be these buses that honk at me even if I am at the extreme edge. I get it, that the driver wants to alert me of an approaching bus, but the honk sounds really annoying as it sounds in its fullest capacity right on my right hand-side ear.

Even when I cross over the streets, I make sure that there are no vehicles that are behind me or have the capacity to knock me down and then, I cross the streets. The specific bus that gets me every time is ‘The Bus’. That man/men in that bus are seriously not gentlemen. They have this bad tendency to honk at me even though I am careful.

But, the disadvantages are many. They might be deprived of sleep and may have had some really bad problems to deal with, right? That’s exactly what I tell myself for the consoling part. They also might have had a rough night. Humph… aren’t people supposed to be cooling themselves before work? Let’s see. Kudos!

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