Droll: Dry Sense of Humor

Well well well. Look where we are. Today the world’s humor is at its, let’s say, best. Many comedians are rising up from here and there in many nook and corners of the world. People nowadays are pretty much attached to comedy rather than other genres. They like comedy whether it is fun, droll, or even hurtful towards others.

The fact is that, anything that makes people laugh is being known as ‘comedy’. Like, if a person slips on a banana peel, they are like, “That was good comedy! That too, the way s/he fell…” and so on. Humor has to come in good ways. Like, you have to get some value out of it and that, it shouldn’t be hurtful towards others. I’m not against jokes. But, people have to know how the person they are making fun of must feel. You know, sometimes some wounds cannot heal. I’m pretty sure that nobody teases a person when they are hurt willingly, but the aftermath of the joke just imprints itself on the fallen person’s mind, haunting her. Sp, you know, the next time you joke over something, make sure that it doesn’t hurt anyone. Kudos!

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