Mushroom Mania: Lunch Times At School

So, everyday people eat. Well, that was not what I mean. I mean people eat to content/satisfy their needs of their stomach. Each person has their own favorite dish. This indicates that each person is different with different needs. Each one eats a varied diet and the amount differs too. Now, what I like is mushroom. And, whatever people say to talk me out of it, it goes inside one ear and comes out of the other.

You, know my motto is ‘You live for yourself and not for others’. Know more about mushrooms here. So, my current friends at school are the type of girls who are mostly ‘mushroom crazy: we be like’ type. So, whenever any gurl from our group brings mushroom, all of us go like ,”Give it to ME!! Not her, you idiot!!” and rant and rave about the whole class. This may be something that is totally uninteresting, but, I’m putting most of my school-life here. Kudos!

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