India’s Capital’s Present Condition

Y’all know that India’s capital is Delhi, right? Delhi has many monuments like Qutb Minar, India Gate, Amar Jawan Jyoti, Khooni Darwaza, Mumtaz Mahal, Iron Pillar, etc. Delhi, at recent times has been covered under serious atmospheric damage. Also, the presence of smog has worsened the situation. People with asthmatic conditions and breathing problems are suffering the most. Small kids are also exposed to high risks of getting ill.

The air quality is very poor and, only light drizzles make it a little tolerable by making the pollution levels go down a little. The pollution level is 12x the recommended pollution level. This is not a sudden occurrence. This has been developing  over many years, but no one had the courtesy to take appropriate measures to stop this totally, right?

Reports say that 40% of the smog consist of dust from the Gulf. Stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana are also main reasons. The stupidity of humanity is that, even when they know the state of the Indian capital, they still burn the garbage and stubble of trees. When I read this in the newspaper, I was like, do people even have brains? The pollution here is the worst in any city in the world. Like, the whole world.

Another measure taken to bring pollution levels down was that the NGT had asked the Delhi government to identify the most polluted place in Delhi and spray water from a height. My part here is that, people have to know the condition of their state and take appropriate measures to save the state. People are too reckless and, they still don’t feel like having the need to go in the right way.

Some simple measures are:

  1. Cycling to the nearest places.
  2. Carpooling on weekends.
  3. Regular check-ups for your vehicles.
  4. Using cleaner fuels, like CNG.
  5. Stopping the burning of wood/garbage/anything.
  6. Preventing emission of dangerous gases, and so on.

My list can keep going, but the people have to make sure that they follow proper rules and regulations. So, you know, I’m logging off. Goodbye!


6 thoughts on “India’s Capital’s Present Condition

  1. I visited Delhi last to last week … The situation was really very bad ! Even the educated people seem to be not giving a damn about the climate .. One person I saw was driving his large SUV while smoking in his car … It was so cringey to see that . I wonder people even care .

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