The Quality of Being A Human Being

People nowadays have lost respect for all that is around them. Be it the nature, loved ones, strangers, things that they own, and various other things. They have lost their particularity in sum total. They do not treat things as they should be treated. As such, they disrespect others rather than leaving them to themselves.

Their quality of being human has disappeared, leaving a devil in that place. In public places, they lose their temper which shows no trace of gentle-manliness. They lie to people when they are caught and talk behind people’s back. When they see other people, they talk behind their back and act cool in front of them. just when you think that a person can be trusted, they do something which clearly points at their nature.

Earlier, whenever people were in need, they were helped by others. Now, even the relatives dump others. particularity requires some amount of respect. If you are not that kind who gives respesct, you have clearly lost your quality of being human. Kudos!

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