The Army And Their Sacrifices

Sludge refers to a color of an unattractive muddy shade of brown or green. So, what we get to know of and are reminded is of the Army. The Army literally means everything to a county’s protection. What would happen if a country doesn’t have an Army is unimaginable. They protect our borders, make sure of 0% of foreign invasion, sacrifice their lives, and help us lead a normal life.

They do a lot for us, but in their life, there is just a dim light. They have to leave their family, friends, forget their gender, and focus a lot more on the country’s protection. Also, conditions in the camp may/may not be appropriate for them. Their life in any way, has been given off for the protection of the country. Also, in many cases, they die a very brave death, fighting against all odds.

We never really realize the fact that they literally have a sad life. We can do nothing to improve them, but, whenever they are home, we can give all our love and support to them, right? So, yeah, you know what to do. Kudos!

P.s. Was down with heavy cold. So, I’m sorry for not posting this thing yesterday.

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