This World Still Shows Mercy

Today, I was out with my Dad and saw something that kinda touched my heart. It wasn’t too emotional, but it is something that is worth sharing. So, here goes…

I was standing in a roadside shop, waiting for my wish to be satisfied. It was too tiring and, as I was sick, it made the matter even worse. I began looking here and there around the street and was taking in the fresh air. Suddenly, I saw a man whose motorbike was running smoothly the first instant, and immediately failed. He stepped down from the motorbike and stood on the street, quite unsure of what to be done.

A few minutes later, another man came around. He looked at this man and asked him if everything was alright. When the man told him his problem, he immediately brought his motorbike and aided the other man with his bike and took him to the nearest motor service shop.

I watched all of this in awe. My bored self just realized that there was some mercy left in this world. It was indeed the most kindest gesture the other man could offer to the stranded one. I, then vowed to be like that man who was kind enough to help a random stranger. Kudos to that man. Kudos!


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