Gremlins And How They Are Irritating

Bad luck comes to a person in many ways, even in the form of gremlins. Gremlin itself means bad luck which is unknowingly caused. Who knows, bad luck comes to a person even in the form of kids. Seriously, KIDS. You do something, which according to you is playful and the next minute, they will be in front of some elder related to you and be pouring out their ‘miseries’ to them.

If given the chance, I can write 10 sagas worth of reasons why you should never include a kid in your gang. All the talk you do here is a direct cable connection to the elders of the house. And, kaboom! You will be down with detention. I’ve had this experience with my cousins’ kids except that it was never me who underwent the detentions. Also, leave them along with their new-born siblings, the next instance the babe will be on the floor with the elder sibling torturing the poor thing (Babe).

Kids are gremlins who bring you unexpected horrors. You will be out on an errand, and you would have forgotten something. So, you will go back to the house only to see the kid dropping the object. The slow-motion fall of the object will beckon you to save it. But, when it finally breaks, with your mouth hanging, you will rush towards it only to not rescue it. Then, you will scold the kid and the kid will complain about you. And, the right goes to the kid and the wrong finds you. “S/he is just a kid… You have to adjust with her/him”, they will obviously say. Finally you will be left compromising with the kid, only for the kid to do something else. You know the rest of the story, right? Kudos!


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