When I Try Too Hard To Not Cry

I’m clutching at my laptop, shuttling between watching ‘Phantom Boy‘ and typing, and resisting the urge to cry. So, Phantom Boy is all about a young kid of 11, who is NOT a gremlin. He is the kid who likes his younger sister and his parents. His happiness is struck by a blow when he falls prey to a serious illness.

The movie portrays his superhero power of turning into a phantom. He meets Alex, a New-York City cop. Leo (That’s the boy’s name) and Alex develop a close relationship. Then there is Mary who develops a personal interest for Alex. Alex and Leo work together, and using the power of Leo, he sends him as Mary’s guardian angel.

And, finally they all capture a very dangerous kingpin. But, Leo’s phantom disappears due to heavy exertion. But, Leo’s little sister Titi brings back her brother by reading their favorite story to his unconscious self. Leo wakes up successfully. Finally Leo recovers and comes back home. But, he still remains Phantom Boy.

There was a scene where the phantom disappeared due to heavy exertion on Leo’s already exhausted body. It was almost like both died. That moment of heaviness was too hard. I had to pause and clutch at the laptop to regain myself. Then, I recovered and started blogging. If you haven’t watched the movie, please do. Kudos!


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