How Spider-Man Continues To Inspire Me

Yo there! So, all of us know what an underdog means and who Peter Parker is. If you are going through that ‘I think I know that name’ phase, here it is, Spider-man. I’m typing this on the context of relating Parker’s weedy form to that of an underdog. Peter Parker, a regular teen is bitten by a spider. He gets superpowers and saves people. But, that is not what I care about.

What I care about is the fact that Parker, being a small person in size, always takes down his enemies bigger than him, even after facing repeating harassment from them. When his opponents use their size to confront him, Peter Parker uses his senses. Not his spidey sense, but his common sense. We always see that Parker’s enemies are always bulky or enormous. Take for example The Sand Man, Dr. Otto Octavious/Dr. Octopus, Venom, Lizard, etc. Either they are elder to him or they are/were his friends.

But, he pushes those facts aside and concentratesĀ  on saving his city. He balances his school life with his superhero life, without any complain. He continues to inspire me in many ways. The main reason, as I stated above, is the fact that he uses his common sense. He would even give his life to save his friends and, why, even his city. He even jumps in front of Captain America to save his life and then, even with his wound goes on to save Aunt May and Mary Jane.

Seriously, out of all Marvel heroes, my favorite is Peter Parker… I’m logging off with this…. Kudos!

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