The Pristine River, In Comparison With Me

The rivers, they are so calm and pristine… The sunlight bounces upon it like beams of fire… And, it has this, sparkle. It is so calm during the summers, granting us all the peace that we could have ever asked of. It has this sense of peace. And, to Y’all who don’t know, I’m like the river. When it is cheerful and nobody messes around with me, I will be that girl who stays away from your matters.

But, in winters, the river turns stormy and rebellious. It floods the places and wreaks havoc. It becomes ruthless, uncaring and, not so pristine. It turns muddy due to the sandy banks… Get it? When you mess with me, I become that ruthless girl who doesn’t care what comes in her way and sloshes right through it, not fearing what comes in front of her. All the words, that were said against me turn into an inspiration to avenge myself.

I’m like CW’s Killer Frost. The Caitlin Snow in me is the girl who is kind, caring and calm. But, when someone hurts her, the Killer Frost side comes out and wipes out all of ’em who messed with her roommate’s emotions.

Give me some positive side of you, I’ll be that girl whom you like so much and trust in her. Show me your bad side, once I leave you, it remains that way. I may joke at you, tease you, hurt you. But, once I know that you are hurt, even though my face doesn’t show it, my heart begins melting. Why, I am that type of girl who can give up her life to save her friend’s. But, know that the guilt of it always kills me on the inside. Just don’t pity me.

I have had my life tased with fake friends, fake relatives and fake words, which totally means nothing to me. But, once I think of all that has happened, I just cry on my inside. I try to mend all the wrongs, but when I can’t, it is some sense of depression. I’m giving off truths about myself in hope that it doesn’t get misused in any way. So, please respect me and don’t publicize too much or pity me, anywhere. Even through all of these, I’m a girl, who is strong at heart. Kudos!

P.s.  ‘Tis snowin’ in my blog! Merry *advanced* Christmas and a Great winter ahead!!!

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