Zoo Life: Why Animals Have More Freedom

Hey guys, I’m really sorry that I couldn’t post anything this week until today. I totally forgot to mention in my last post that I had my exams coming. So, yeah I was not able to post a single thing. So, let me take up on yesterday’s topic. Zoo.

I’ll just state how animals in the zoo, even thought they are imprisoned, have more freedom than we have. You may wonder, “How does a zoo animal enjoy more right?”, but here it is… It may not be funny nor serious. It will all be factious:-

  1. They have a safe and secure home. Like, their houses can’t be raided, nor can anything be stolen from them. We humans act their guard dogs. Ha! Nobody must have thought that they were acting guard for animals…
  2. They don’t work. They mainly don’t have the tension of waking up early in the morning and shower and brush to get ready for school or office. They are so free, that they even have freely provided habitats at 0 cost.
  3. Free food. A luxury, right? We, on the other hand, work like donkeys even for a one-time meal. They, on the other hand, have free access to food, any point of the day. They just get to live in the ‘luxury’ of life.

Like I already said, we have less independence than animals. But, from the animals’ side of justice, walking free is a freedom that we have. Well, we all seem to be imprisoned by animals and, animals by us, right? That is the definition of life… Kudos!


3 thoughts on “Zoo Life: Why Animals Have More Freedom

  1. You are so right Angeline, Zoos are god places only if they have a wildlife programme going to breeding these beautiful animals that soon will be extinct, and how lucky they are that they don’t have the kerfuffle we go through to survive our every day life! I am all for preserving wildlife, because in a few more years our children will be asking what does a Giraffe look like, as so many will be gone.

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