With Age Comes Responsibility

Oh, hello there! Today, my blog post will obviously be short cause I’m typing it from my phone. So, many people have this habit of telling that the life process of age hits them bad. 

Why, even my Mom has this habit of thinking that her white hair degrades her appearance. It doesn’t matter much to me cause, Mum in every angle is pretty to me. But, what I say to comfort her is this: “White hair is the great crown of Wisdom”, like she seriously needs to know that…

Also, what I think is that people mustn’t feel bad when they age. With great power comes great responsibility. Similarly, with age comes more Wisdom. When you keep aging, you finally know that Life offers you a lot of lemons and also come to know how to overcome any given problem. Also, you can boss over the little gremlins of the kids (😀)…  I really feel that people shouldn’t live for others, it being my motto…

Grey hair and wrinkled skin means that your responsibility has been fulfilled and, it is time for your kids and the next generation to keep up with their responsibilities. So, please don’t ever think that aging is something which is unfair in life. Kudos!

P.s. You can follow me on my Instagram @veron_0320_ , but when you request me (my account is private), just let me know either here on the messaging section that you are the given blogger and your account’s name too. 

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