The Time When I Was High On Tenterhooks

Okay, what I am about to disclose right now is a top secret. This would be really embarrassing, pretty soon. It’s when I first started to cycle to school. Like, 2 years ago. Okay, this incident doesn’t take place when I return from school, but when I return from an errand along with my bro, except that idiot returned home walking and I, foolishly taking his advice cycled back home.

So, what happened was, I had some repairs to be done to my cycle. So, Mom asked my bro to go along with me. My brother somehow agreed and, we both set out. We set out and finished what was to be done. So, we returned and, on the way, bro asked me to cycle home. I agreed on that and, cycled home.

The flip comes here. I go through the other way, which is even more foolish and cycle like a care-free girl. Suddenly, there is this bark. I turn around and see a dog making its way to me at the speed of bullet. I became high on tenterhooks and cycled even faster. People on the road started comforting me, shouting at me to go slow, take a deep breath and ignore the dog. But, my heart was fluttering, trying to make its way out of my mouth. Even though the episode lasted for only 5-6 seconds, it was horrible. On top of all this mess, I had started screaming… My God! I really regret setting out on that day.

My brother still laughs at the very mention of this incident. Why, at mentioning tenterhooks as today’s Prompt, he gave me the immediate idea for posting this. Man, his laughter bugs me. Kudos!

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