My New Dining Table: Will It Require A Layer Of Patina Soon?

Hey, guys! So, I’ve got a new Dining Table (!!). It’s just hand-crafted and not bought from the store. This made my heart flutter with happiness. You know, anything you buy from stores here in India won’t last a few years. So, it’s just the fact that this table is really strong. Our carpenter is close to my parents for, like what, 20 AMAZING YEARS!!!

I just learned this fact and felt it was really necessary to share this incident. You know, whenever some incident takes place, the appropriate Daily Prompt Topic pops up. Seems like fate’s way. Huh. Okay, this table is the first *proper* dining table we have ever had. So, this is one reason to be happy. Another reason is that the chairs are so strong that it can crack upon the thief’s head, thereby protecting me from sure death, cause I scream a lot.

Okay, my Mom actually blessed (she obviously did -_-) the table and gave it the blessing to stay in this family for generations to come. Huh? Seriously, that table got my Mom’s blessing to live long and me, I’ve never got any such blessings like THAT. Well, I don’t wish to live that long, but still. So, I’ve got this question. Will this table require a coating of patina in the next generation? Like, my kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kinda? Most probably they will sell it halfway through for a better, stylish table. Well, well, well, I hope that they don’t cause their ancestor and my mother put a lot of effort in this thing’s making.

I really feel that they wouldn’t sell it because, my blog will haunt them forever. Kudos!

P.s. I know that this post is really terrible. Sorry. Can’t handle my excitement..

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