Who Actually Is Santa Claus?

Well, hello. Sorry for being on and off. My health is not keeping up to my expectations. Okay, so, today’s Prompt is saintly. So, today I’m just gonna give off the secret identity of 🎅. All of us like Santa Claus, don’t we? We all know and have been mysteriously placed with gifts during Christmas, saying that it was from Santa.

Who is this Santa Claus 🤔? Well, seemingly, this guy was a regular guy aka kid until his super-rich parents died, leaving him with a LOT of wealth behind. This guy didn’t want all of that wealth for himself, but liked to share it with his neighbours and friends. Unlike other rich people, he wanted to help the poor and the underprivileged.

This guy’s name was Nicholas. He was renowned for giving off secret gifts to people who needed it. The practice of gifts in stockings was totally an accident. Like it was just that when he was helping a man in secret, he dropped the gift from the chimney, which landed into the drying stocking.

Another incident is that he guarded a crew from certain death in the raving sea. Later, he was given the title of Saint. This amazing man, unluckily was exiled and most probably died in captivity. This man was the one who brought in the gifting practice during Christmas. Huh. Logging off for the night. 18 more days for Christmas. Just 18!!! Kudos!

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