Being Irritated Is Something Jolly For Others

Well, hello. Today’s Prompt was not exactly what I was looking for. I have been given the topic Jolly. This is one of my worst days ever. People tend to irritate me a lot and, I get irritated too. This gusto with which I’m typing wants my fingers to break badly and the idea of self-infliction is on its height. 

I really don’t get what people gain from irritating other people. We mind our own businesses, bit these people like great stupids come and start nagging at you. Well, what do they even gain? Just a laugh at its most. Also, the person getting irritated tends to have increased anger, and in my case, ideas of banging my knuckles and fingers somewhere. The reality is that, I’ve never ever broken any fingers which is just typical. 

These people don’t really get how others get irritated. Then, when we don’t take notice of them, they just leave, complaining about us. Like, “It’s a total waste, talking with you, you know that?” and stuff. That momentary action of ours becomes a huge example of how others perceive us. It automatically leads to others thinking that we are real offenders. But, the REAL offenders are not taken into consideration, which is totally pointless. They think irritating people is fun, which is most obviously not.

So, please people think twice before you approach and start nagging someone. It really affects their temper levels. Kudos!

*Logs off with positive vibes*

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