Elegant Women And A Woman’s Definition

Well, women have always been considered as objects of beauty, elegance and a mixture cuteness. So, basically, THAT is the definition of a ‘Woman’. All that people, especially men expect from us is being pretty, and having that sense of not staring around. But, women’s definition of a ‘Woman’ is, being bold, tomboyish, cute in the not-so cute way, hard-working and, not just objects of beauty.

They are these multi-tasking people. At home, they are either daughters or caretakers or even mothers. When they are out, they are hard-working ladies, sometimes a teacher who teaches and showers love, and people who know how to take up right decisions. But, men, on the other hand, have lesser jobs. They work, be back at home and, are not so interactive.

So, the matter is that, whenever you see a woman, don’t ever define her by her looks, but by her manners. A well-mannered woman knows how to interact with people, men and women alike and, also knows how to place the right words and her actions in the wide public define her. But, an ill-mannered woman on the other hand, has no sense of responsibility and literally gets stuck in many of her problems on a daily basis.

According to us women, elegance doesn’t come from outer looks, but from our inner self. So, yeah. Whenever you see a kid/woman who totally looks terrible, don’t under-estimate her and ignore her. Know that you can never judge a book by its cover. Just get on and think that she is brave and if she has the will, grow to be successful. Kudos!



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