The Only Bliss That I Can’t Have

Hello, and I’m really sorry for not posting lately, cause I was caught up with my mid-term exams. So, as I have the time to post today, I’ll just give you some sweet facts on my favorite topic, Puppers!! So, my only bliss is living with puppies *slash* dogs. These creatures are pure goodness. A fact that I recently learnt was that dogs tend to approach people who are sad and comfort them, rather than people who are already happy.

Even cats make good pets, but one fine day, you will be the slave of your cat rather than them being your pet. Well, as dogs have been human’s friends ever since the start of the world, they understand humans better than cats. They (DOGS obviously) can determine your state of mind, and always approach you to console you, even if they have a heartbreak, you know, you share your heartbreaks with each other as partners…

Your dog will be that typical ‘Shall take a shot for ya’ organism, who can save you and, you will feel the same for them. It’s a mutual bonding, you know. Dogs are also cute animals to hang around with. Unlike cats, they will get super excited to see you even if you had gone away for 15 minutes. But, cats, you know, if you return after 3 years, they will just lift their heads, take a look at you and resume their jobs again. Dogs are soooo lovable that even you will miss them after a quality time. they are these best friends who never leave your side. Why, you can even marry them so that they can be by your side in illness and in your health.

So, yeah, go do yourself a favor and get yourself a dog, people. Kudos!

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