Holidays Are Comfy And Really Irritable… Here’s Why

So, hey guys and, what up? I usually considered anime really irritating and the kind which will be *BOOOOORING*, but guess what, it seems like I’ve become one of the greatest fans evahhh! It all started from watching Death Note. Well, it happened only because of my hols. Otherwise, you know, it would have never struck me to watch anything at all. The fact that I had watched all the movies on my laptop drove me to watch the anime. At first, I was like, “Oh, should I really watch this” to “Man, this is so interesting” to “Oh my, it got over…”

Such seems to be the power of anime. Then, I moved onto watching One-Punch Man, which flared thing up and drove me to finish it in a day, which I couldn’t. Later on, I began Dragon Ball Super!!!!! I know that I should start watching things from first, but the episodes were all too vast to start watching them from first. So, I just looked up at the gist online and started watching DBS. Now, I’m like “More! More!”

What irritates me the most is the fact that I have no Wi-Fi connection, but just the allocation of 1GB per day. So, I am pushed to download only a few episodes per day, making it all the more tiresome. As it is over 100 episodes, it is really hard indeed. But, what really is the reason behind me starting to watch anime? The total reason is, the free-time available, and, the cozy bed… Huh… let’s just hope that my love for anime doesn’t die. Waiting for more DBS!!!! Kudos!


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