New Year And The Birth Of Another Set Of Resolutions

Happy New Year! Well, this post might just be short so as to not tire y’all out. So, Christmas is over and on the eighth day, New Year has come. There’s nothing much about everyone glossing over the birth of  yet another year. What makes it more interesting is the fact that our resolutions keep changing. 

This year, we may have vowed to perform well in life. But, we often ignore the fact that New Year almost often denotes the fact that it is taking one step closer to our success. When we often wonder why we are unsuccessful, this is just another random reason.The fruits of all our sufferings may have just begun to bloom, but a new year often seems to eradicate that feeling like,”So, you think that you have gone well? Here goes another set of new problems approaching.”

Here is a pic of me from yesterday along with some wishes :-

So, now talking about new year services at church, we had midnight services, which, of course, I had to attend. But, truth is the more I think about the fact that this year has begun, the more it reminds me  of my upcoming board exams for my next grade 😭😷

2 thoughts on “New Year And The Birth Of Another Set Of Resolutions

  1. Haha, school kids went through it when it comes to board exams… All the best for that. And for the new year resolutions. Set something which will make you happy and achievable. That will give you a boost for next year.


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