It’s 2018 And I Still Have No Reservations

Belated Happy New Year is all I can wish you all today. Well, speaking of resolutions and reservations for this year, as my last post on my blog speaks, I am nervous about attending 10th grade and the exams. My resolution (I thought over it!!!) is that I’m gonna study hard this year, pass 9th grade and, set high goals for my 10th grade so as to make it easier for me to study. Another one of my resolution is that I’m gonna improve my singing skills by listening to music often and calm my mind for better focus.

Right now, I’m planning on focusing on these two, rather than drawing out a long lost of resolutions. Hmm, and then as suggested by my brother, I’m gonna make sure that I post often on my blog and such. Well as such academic year’s main event just occurred. I scored 44/50 in Math!!! You know, not like showing off, but it’s just that in Math I’m not too good. I usually score around 32-38. This was like a major jump for me. All the other subjects also faced the same fate. Except for Mathematics,I usually score good in the other subjects.

But still, it was shocking. Lol. I may be going too far!😂😂

And, I have not made up with ‘The Hashtags’. If you have been following me for a long time, you would know what I’m trying to tell. I did try to make up, but they just blatantly refused my proposal. They were like,”That’s my wish”. This incident hit me again so hard that I felt it’s fury for the next few days. So, my resolution regarding them is to just TOTALLY IGNORE ‘EM the whole year and outshine them. Well, good night!


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