Viable Plans For A Long Way Ahead

Good evening people! Well, as it seems like I’ve finalized my resolution list, let’s move onto another list of viable plans. I’ve actually taken the huge decision of dumping my extra time for studying, rather than using my phone. The first step to the above decision is to drain my phone’s battery, put it somewhere away from the charge point, get myself so comfortable that I refuse to move from that place and, settle well and good with my books, even if it is on my bed.

Truth is, I mostly study, sitting on the bed, and the charge point is right next to me. *OH me LoUrD*

The plan that would be most viable is, I better study when I get the time and do whatever I intend to do and outshine the ‘Hashtags’ sooner. It’s not like they are better than me, but, I wanna top the class, and go on pursuing my studies, as a Doc. The next step of mine, is to respect my parents, and to not disobey them, even in the slightest way, and to never break their hearts. Well, my third step is to finish watching all episodes of Dragon Ball!!! 😄

When I grow older, I’m never gonna take anyone’s opinions about what kind of work I am supposed to do. Like, my gramps took the advice of his sister and prevented my Mom from going to work. Now, that person’s daughter is going to work, Lol. Fate has a way of targeting good people. But, I know that Karma is a boomerang and I am pretty sure that one fine day, that person will pay for her deeds.

So, you know I’m never gonna take anybody’s advises on deciding my job. I’m just gonna get a job where they offer me one. Also, concerning my looks, I’m never going to let anyone, not even my Mom to comment on that. I just am and still being to taught to dress modestly and still look pretty, even though looks do matter. The fact is that, I still have my ears open for good advise, but not for words that hurt me. When people stare, the best way to retaliate is to just either stare back at them, or just, you know, ignore them.

After all these rambling, you must obviously get my point, right? Just don’t change yourself for the sake of others and just ignore all the haters. And, more importantly, never forget to sleep good at night. Wishing you all a very good health and a really happy new year, yet again… Kudos!



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