This Anime Series Is So Famous, But Why? Know About It

So, hey guys! Seems like I had impressed you guys with my last post by promising to not indulge in excess use of tech. Well, little by little, it is coming into effect. But, as a substitution, I have started watching anime. You guys obviously know that I have and still am fan-girling about DB saga over the last few posts on my blog. It’s winsome, to tell the truth.

Well, there are many facts, about Mr. Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Series, that bug me. In fact, he forgot that Launch actually was existing. And, he colored Android 18’s hair purple, in the promotional pictures, of the comeback movie, ‘Battle Of The Gods’. Launch, was the one who never really had a chance. She was ‘forgotten’ for over 150 episodes. Like, seriously. Why, even Hitler makes an appearance.

What’s ironic is the fact that Piccolo was just 3 years of age when he fought the teenage Goku. And, I just discovered this. Wanna maintain your hairstyle for a lifetime? Well, no. You have to a Saiyan to do that. Yes, Saiyans can maintain their hairstyles, forever. And, as I seemingly am giving off DB facts, here comes another. The six dots on Krillin’s forehead are from incense burns from his time training to be a monk at Orin Temple.

Namekians do not have females. They just multiply asexually by ‘throwing up’ eggs. And, here comes the final fact. The earth-saving superhero, Goku has an extreme fear of hospital food and needles. If you still have not developed an interest over DB, you literally don’t have a sense of watching good anime. This is what makes DB famous. Also, the appropriate proportion of fun, hate and fight make it the best.

Hmm, right now, I have finished the first half of DBZ’s season 1, and am up-to-date on the Super series. All thanks to my brother that I have been introduced to some real stuffs. Kudos!

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