The Undulating Oceans And How They Can Avenge

Well, seems like we have all been hurting environment, right? Yes, we did. We obviously did. And, we never learn. We still inflict hurt upon Mother Nature. We destroy forests, lakes, rivers, and all the water bodies in our sight. We even destroy the air. The Oxygen levels have depleted and the Carbon-Di-Oxide has taken a toll. The atmosphere has begun degrading next. The Ozone layer has already begun its process of depletion. Why? This all began, when humans went in search of ways to make life easier.

First of all, our ancestors began cutting up trees to build their houses, and later on began destroying forests for cultivation and settlement. From then on wards, we have take taken the cue and have also begun degrading Nature in every imaginable way.  Be it the air, the water, the land, we have shown our ‘interest’ to every form. This is one result:

This was once the pride of the Tamilians, the Cooum River. Now, do you see its state? At first, many chemicals were released into this once-clean river, saying that such small amounts of pollutants would do no harm. Can you see its condition now? Filled with sewage and having this bad stench… The first time I saw this river, I thought that it was just some sewage dumping area. But, no. It was once an area where people chilled by boating and such.

Not only this, but there are many cases of water bodies going waste in my State. You know, it is no ordinary saying when it goes like, “Karma is a boomerang”. What you do, comes back to you. Like, we people destroyed the water-bodies, and the result? Over the last few years, there has been a major change in Climate over here. Which literally means that December is the month of ‘Pain’. Literally, every year, we face natural calamities. well, 2015 had a great impact on us. It brushed ‘this close’ against a tsunami. Talking of tsunamis, I remember the tsunami of 2004, which killed many in the country and the places around.

We used to depend upon trees for the rain to approach. But, now, we wait for depressions to develop in the seas for it to rain. You know, Oceans can avenge us anytime. If Mother Nature wants to, she can develop into this one big wave and wipe out the world and she can avenge herself. She can wipe out almost anything. Men, even after going through such happening never learn. Maybe they will learn once the world id destroyed. Then they can preach to the empty skies on the essentials of protecting earth, right?

Credits goes to Daily Prompts- Undulate

5 thoughts on “The Undulating Oceans And How They Can Avenge

  1. I’m amazed Mother Nature didn’t fight back sooner. In 1969 the Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught on fire because it was so polluted. It wasn’t the first time that it caught on fire, man industrial rivers did, but it was the first time that it made the cover of Time Magazine. The beginnings of the environmental movement started with the spark that caused that fire. Too bad people have already forgotten how bad it used to be and are rolling back environmental protections in the US.

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