Entertainment In The Form Of A Baby

Oh, hey. I am not good on taking care of babies, you know. Even if someone lets me or better, forces me to take care of them, it will just randomly end in a fight, one-on-one consisting of me and some random baby. So, on the other day, my Mom suddenly asked me if I could baby-sit our neighbor’s baby son. I was first shocked. The next thought was nothing but images of poop and you know what sliding across my mind. And then I remembered something. I was not good with babies.

I told my Mom that. And she was like,”You obviously are lying, cause you are a lazy little goose” under her breath. I caught the words perfectly, only because I have some sharp ears. And then another incident came to my mind. A few days ago, the same baby visited my room. My brother and I were listening to some songs on our speaker. He was just placed on my bed. This sent a sick wave of some random thoughts including the feeling that he would poop on my bed, even though he was wearing some diapers.

What he did next came to me as a surprise. He scooped up the speaker so easily in his hands and put it near one of his ears. Then, something struck me. Whenever I raised the speaker, this creepy expression will dawn on my brother’s face. But, when the baby ravaged the speaker, my bro didn’t seem to be having any expression on his face. Instead, there was this silly smile plastered upon his face. My mind was like, “Look at your brother. Concession, huh?”

Now, getting back to the previous incident. After quite some time, the baby was brought in by Mom. For some time, she and my father played with him. Seemingly, after some time, the kid got somewhat bored. My Mum took him to my brother’s room first. After sometime, the kid got bored again. So he was then brought into my room. I tried to entertain the kid. But, you know, my face is not that much appealing towards kids. So then, I dropped all the antics and returned to my laptop and resumed watching the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z. Huh. I still haven’t finished it yet. Well, thus ends the story of how I entertained a baby boy.

Seems like I still haven’t advanced my ways of entertaining kids. Obviously, cause I scared another baby when shopping. Kudos!


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