How My Friends And I Never Went Touring

Hey, there! So, this year, we were given the chance to separate from our parents for three days by the school. Yes, we were called for a tour. So then, when they were distributing the application forms, I didn’t go. This heavy feeling weighed down my heart. I realized that my parents would never let me go on a tour. It was just this feeling. Well, it came out to be true.

I never even asked my Mom. Because, I knew that if I did, she wouldn’t let me go. I remained static on my decision. I just told my brother about it and, even my brother confirmed the fact. so then, I just kept quiet for the whole weekend. When I went back to school, I was pretty sure that I would be the only kid who never went on tour. But, know what? All my friends (not the hashtags) from my present group, except for one were staying back!

I was really surprised to know that fact. Then, we just talked and laughed about it and chilled. Our common enemies are the hashtags. So, when we realized the fact that we were not gong to see those faces, it was just a total new set of emotions. So we get to know something. I will not be worried about anything for the upcoming hols!!!

So, you know, we all never went touring. That’s it. Kudos!

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