Education Is A Bitter Root, While Its Fruits Are Sweet

I have never liked studying, well, have you? Whenever I sit to study, the first thing that comes to my mind is nothing but the feeling of ‘ugh’ness. Then, when I finally get to the job, I will finally realize the fact that I had to write something, which will get me like,” Man, I just sat down to study.” Soon after that I will also realize the fact that I would have an upcoming test. After that, I will fire up a little and, prepare for some time. After that, I will just walk off for some time, and then check my phone. I will most obviously get into some playtime with it which could kill off an hour, without notice.

Education surely is something which does come in our way, but we are too dumb to utilize it. Even while I am typing this, I have this feeling to rush away and start studying. But, once I sit down for studying, I’ll just get distracted or, I’ll just go and sit with my brother discussing some useless topics. After that, I’ll return only, to be called by Mom for dinner. I’ll look up to the clock to check the time. 8:45 p.m.

Well, as soon as I finish eating, I’ll resort to watching a few videos on YouTube. You know, at that time, I’ll regret my deeds. I could have finished up some part of my portions if I hadn’t wasted my time.  Truth is, this is how education presents itself to me as a bitter root. I never get used to that. Every single day, this happens. Only when my exams do approach, I will never move from my place and study like I have never ever done anything (truth).

But, we have to not ignore the fruits that education brings. I think I’ve discussed the topic already, so. You will obviously reap the fruits of your work and have a great future. even if you are the kind of person who doesn’t have the capability to study good, suicide is no option, because your life was not given to you by yourself, but by God himself. So, you see, you have no right to destroy something that doesn’t belong to you. You may not be good at one thing, but you obviously will be in another field.

You know, you can opt for that. You just don’t have to take away your life, and lead your parents to utter desperation. I knew the plight of a few parents, whose kids had committed suicide. One parent even rushed to slit her hands, herself. You know, you should never hurt your parents’ feelings. Like, seriously, they gave birth to you to only see you achieve greater things and make them proud. Just always know that ‘suicide’ isn’t always the answer. If you feel that you are lacking in academics, you can just talk to whichever person whom you are free with and, let them know your problem. They can help you. Kudos!

P.s. Sorry for the long post!

P.P.s. If your mom asks you to study, do it to at least make her happy!!

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