Don’t Let It Get Over You

Yes, the fear, don’t let it get over you. If you do, you obviously have to face the consequences. It’s not experience talk, but it’s just some type of weird advice. Well, if you let your fear waver your confidence, it’ll just overpower what little willingness you have and destroy that little amount of willingness you have.

You see, when you begin showing some kind of improvement, others will begin trying to follow your league, as goes the case with Vegeta and Goku. They both are neither enemies or best friends, but they just know what to do. But, what they share in common is their willingness to never let their fears conquer their confidence. Fear is not just something that only cowards have, but, without fear, we can very well not be called humans.

But, you should know when you must let your fears conquer you. For the sake of yourself and others, you should never back-off from anything that can very well save you and the others. Yes, you can obviously have fear, but you should turn them into your willpower. Your fears must motivate you to achieve things that you have only dreamed of. The dominant part of you, the fear, must be gone. You should also, never under estimate what your will power can do and you just have to remember that great people were never born great.

They worked hard and worked their way to reach their ultimate goal in life, the success of stuff. So, whenever you take up something, just analyze what you fear over and just turn it into sheer confidence and will power. Then, use this power to break through your self-limiting powers, your walls that bind you. Make sure that you obviously do this to achieve greater heights in the future! Kudos!

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