The Meaning Of Something That They Do Not Understand

Children commit suicide just because they have ‘problems’ in their life. Do they even know the definition of life, to be truthful? They just think that whatever comes in the way that barres their way to success. They just don’t get that life has a series of tasks that they have to complete to move onto the next level.

They just think Life is an easy piece of cake that anybody can consume, while in reality, it is NOT. Life defines itself as a really thorny rose, which involves undergoing a lot of pain to achieve what you want. All they know about is their educational life which is just a pebble as compared to the problems that they will undergo in their futures. Even passing through that seems like a huge challenge according to them.

Well, I will not deny the fact that I myself will occasionally feel wary on these matters. i will just shrug it all off. Once, when I was in fourth grade, I got a 4 on Math on a total of 10 marks. That minute of desperation seemed to overtake me, which later did. That minute made me cry for two days whenever I was alone. That day, when school finished, Mom was just wondering about my puffed up eyes. When I wouldn’t answer, she just asked a classmate of mine for the reason.

She just told the whole incident. Like, how I had got back my paper, giggled at the marks first, and suddenly how I had realized the horrible truth behind my mistakes and had started crying. My Mom was just taken aback. She then approached me and just consoled me telling that all the tests do matter, but what matters the most was the courage to undergo every small instance in life. From that day onward, whenever I got some low marks (which I mostly never did, save for getting a 65 on 90 when I was in seventh grade), I just shrugged it off. A few teachers indirectly mentioned about *girl*s getting low marks and shrugging it of won’t make it in life.

But, believe me, that sense of shrugging off which I developed over the years helped me a lot. It just made me honest. If I didn’t study for a test, after I finish it, I will mostly approach my teacher and will tell her the reason. Mostly every teacher will just analyze the truth while a few would just tell that I was being ‘ignorant’. Once, my math teacher insulted me so much during class, which made me cry and trigger my asthma. Then she realized her mistake and tried consoling me, which she failed to do so.

From the next class onward she went on like,”I will not tell anything wrong about you, girl” almost in an insulting way.  From then on, I realized the fact that if I take everything seriously, it will never do any good. I was not inscrutable to the fact that ‘suicide’ will never be an option in my life. Well, children better be well warned by their parents that suicide can never cure anything, but only bring grief.

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