A Slight Knowledge Can Be Dangerous

So, we would have seen many people who show off, right? But, you know it is extreme when some person shows off with some Inkling. They just feel that the shrimp-sized amount of knowledge that they have is enough to throw them high upwards, even surpassing the others in the process. But, the truth is it doesn’t happen. Like, that’s why this proverb exists- Empty vessels make more noise. If this exists, then yeah, people who show off with pea-sized amount of knowledge are sure reckless in their ways.

You know, there are many incidents where people just get some tweensy amount of information and just go about insulting and hurting people when they just don’t realize that their low amount of information was the whole thing that caused the mess. And when the message comes to the spotlight, they just say that none of it was their fault.

What it reminds me of is that some people are too dumb to realize that some of the mistakes are theirs. Also, this situation worsens once they start over-reacting. Well, that seems to be the way that things go. But, the major fact is that people never change, and I quit with that fact. Another major concern is that of repeated betrayal causing fights. However, this too pops up due to no amount of prior knowledge. Okay, well, I’m logging off! Bye!

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