Evoking Old Memories With Old Albums

So, hey guys! . Um… No excuses. Yeah, okay, I’m sorry. Long hiatus, because I felt lazy to type. Oh well, stop cursing. Now, heading to the topic… SHOOT! So, whenever I turn the pages of my photo-albums, what I always remember is the fact that I used to be ‘smol’ small. My brother showed some little more grace to the smol me than the present me.

Also, I used to be so cute, even by the baby standards and the fact that will irritate a few will be this: My Mum never mostly let me outta her hands. More importantly, I chose whomsoever that I will climb upon. Many seemingly approached me, but they were shooed away by Mum. Looking at all my old albums evokes these incidents which my mum shares with me. These petty incidents make up a baby’s life and the adults who revolve around her.

Well, what is not exciting for a baby? Everything  seems to be catchy in her case and, she is always found with her hands around something, anything that she finds at her level. And also, when a person looks at some of the (Note- *embarrassing*) pictures along with a friend or some other family member, it puts a pink color, ref- a blush on our face. Some pictures also makes us wonder how the adults had the patience to put up with our nonsense. It incubates a sense of pleasant warmth within our hearts when we realize the fact that we would have never and will never be present where we are without enough love.

Well, who knows where a person will end up if they are not loved enough, right? Well, I better head to bed, cause I feel that it would be dangerous to use the keypad as my pillow. Bye!

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