Oh How I Wish Anime Was Real

To be honest, I really don’t get why anime life shouldn’t be real. It’s like you have the strength to do anything, you are alone in  the earlier stage of your life and when you grow up, many people come into your life and you will even die for them even if they were to turn evil. Ah, and some normal person suddenly is cornered by some other stranger and something unfortunate happens and you transform into something you don’t even wanna be.

Oh, and someone who comes from some other planet gets really super strong and even the gods acknowledge him even though he is someone really foolish… Oh well. And, you are some random fat girl and you just despair over something and suddenly you are cute and you become the magnet which attracts all the guys around… Oh, man. Give me a break. What is more is the fact that these can NEVER turn into reality. All this is totally not knowledgeably something which the world just randomly accepts.  Even if it comes to pass, the only people who are anime fan girls and fan boys will be caught with open mouths trying to swallow the fake identities and mirages created by the world and will most probably be the ones who will know the endings to such dramas.

Nah, never mind. This was just some post to analyze how people will react if they ever come to know how the world is filled with such nonsense. You know, one thing which bugs me even now, is the fact that women and young girls like me can NEVER take the streets alone at any point during the day and, obviously during the night. Also, as it seems, it is a taboo for girls here in India to set out during the night. I most certainly am one of the majority of the people who fear to step out once it is past 6 in the evening. And, comparing real life to anime, most girls in the anime can be seen going out at nights. Oh! We are talking about Japan here. Now, talk about movies.

They show girls and women wearing all sorts of clothing and are seen setting off into the night with ‘swag’. Meanwhile, in real life, even if you are COMPLETELY clothed, you can often catch men staring at weird places of yours which makes you feel totally insecure, As a girl, I have undergone this specific deed. When I was younger, I just used to frown at them and keep staring until one of them gave up. But, as I grew up, I figured that it was the wrong method and, I instantaneously dropped the habit. Well, it’s just a matter of time until a certain someone shows up and saves you from those eyes, right? All this makes me wonder if anime was applicable to real life, life would just sail smoothly and we would never fall prey to anything wrong. Guess my ramblings are getting outta hand, though. Goodbye!

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